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KarmaFirst provide migration support services which helps you in technology and data migration projects. We support application server migration, database migration, legacy to new front end application, integration different applications. We use technologies like screen scrapping to give web based front end to old legacy applications.

Platform Migration

System is having its own lifecycle, towards the end of product's life-cycle you start getting the feedback from your existing customers like: high maintainability, performance not matching new customer's expectations, difficulties in integrating the product with other IT solutions, not attractive user interface, difficulties in operating the product, old architecture not supporting the latest technology and business trends. These are the early indicators that the stable and successful product needs to be migrated to re-address the market needs.

Changing or adding a platform is a big decision - it requires assessment of market opportunities, validating feasibility, plan for new architecture, and estimation of cost and effort, all of which take resources and cost.

We have extensive experience and expertise in re-architecture, migration and re-engineering of complex software products built on legacy platforms. We have worked on legacy product platform and re-engineering assignments spanning across all leading-edge development platforms, such as J2EE and .Net, on a variety of operating systems, databases (relational and object), and application (Java EE/J2EE-based) servers.


Data Migration

Database migration assessment – analyzing the existing database schemas by using Migration Analyzer module of SSMA – tables, indexes, triggers, stored procedures, functions, packages, sequences, views. coming up with precise estimates of the manual efforts of completing porting these objects to SQL Server after running SSMA.

Data migration assessment – estimating efforts to prepare SSIS or SSMA packages, and coming up with strategy for full, incremental, or replication types of data migration