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KarmaFirst provides you different engagement models to suit you.


Dedicated Offshore Development Center

KarmaFirst offers you a dedicated offshore development center which will work as your extended IT department and support for your growth plan. Our team will be working with your company in specific restricted area where no other employees of the company will have access to safeguard interest of your IPR and confidentiality.

Fixed Priced projects:

We may enter in Fixed Priced project or fixed priced resource support contract as per your requirement with detailed project scope contract.

Time and Material contracts:

This time of contract are typically signed when you require to have extended project development team working with your existing IT team in your office as well as you required to have resource support for specific time period.

Onsite Project Management Projects:

We are signing onsite project management contracts to support you to manage your existing projects.

Onsite Developer support:

KarmaFirst can provide you developers to work out of your own setup for development activity as per your plan and when you want to execute projects from you office.